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Above & Beyond Daycare 

Licensed by the NYS Office of Children and Family Services

Welcome to Grace Above & Beyond Daycare for infants 6 weeks and up. We will provide a safe, caring, and home-like atmosphere for your children and provide for their physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. Hours are available from 6:30am - 6:30pm, Monday through Friday. Rates available. Call 516.798.1122 ext. 18.

Two's Club

Launched in September 2008 in response to the overwhelming number of requests from parents within the Grace community. Our curriculum focuses on learning through play and discovery. Children will be introduced to simple art projects and music while developing fine and gross motor skills. Classes meet either two, three or five days a week for two hours. Both morning and afternoon classes are offered as well as a full day program.

Nursery and Pre-K

Nursery and pre-k programs offer both half and full day classes. Teachers and assistants provide the individualized attention needed in the first challenging years of schooling. Each class has enrichment centers with hands-on activities. Children are invited to explore the world through painting and creative play. Reading and math readiness skills are emphasized and children have easy access to an array of books, puzzles, in-story corners as well as counting tools and numerous math games. Enriched programs include art, music, Spanish, computer, reading and writing readiness. Sign language and French are also offered. We recognize individuality and strive to enhance each child's unique abilities. Our program is enhanced with guest speakers, specialty programs and field trips throughout the school year. In addition, the Grace campus offers an outdoor playground, athletic field and indoor gym.

Students are exposed to the Spanish and Latino cultures. Engaging music, children's books, visual aids and games provide opportunities for students to practice speaking the language and understand the culture in a fun way. Students are encouraged to speak with the teacher and with each other as they learn words and phrases. Units of study include numbers, colors, family members, parts of the body, weather, animals and foods. The most important objective at this level is to develop an enjoyment of speaking and a desire to learn more.

Above & Beyond Before & After Care

We offer a flexible schedule to meet the needs of busy and/or working parents.





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